About Daisy

Daisy Oriental Wellness Center

Daisy Zhou LAc, MSOM, CEO and Founder of Daisy Acupuncture Clinic

Graduated from Dongguk University of Los Angeles and was award a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine with High Honors.

Complimenting her professional studies, she has spent more than 5 years in China training with Traditional Chinese Medicine Specialists honing her  medicinal skills. Backed with several years of clinical experience using acupuncture to help patients manage chronic pain, regulate internal organ function, and achieve a healthy balance, she has helped many to take back their lives.   Once the patient’s symptoms have decreased, she then helps her clients take a proactive approach to their health, emphasizing preventive medicine to set the client up for long term relief and success. Daisy specializes in assisting women with infertility, menstration, menopause, and other complications regarding such issues.

Her friendly and knowledgeable staff fosters a comfortable, family like atmosphere to help facilitate the first step in getting their life back on track.